Coming this fall, The Stonemason’s House is Weem Adrift’s third title and second by author A.S. Peterson.

From the publisher:

i first encountered this story in an earlier revision and was captivated by its refreshing simplicity—a simplicity which develops into a beautiful complexity on each rereading. That complexity has only become deeper and more beautiful on further edits, as well. It leaves me with a longing i hope to meet with the legacy of my own life.

From the author:

[The Stonemason’s House] came out of a nagging itch to write a classical ‘fairy-tale’ or ‘fable,’ something in the vein of George MacDonald, something storybookish, something that would fit well with pictures in the margins. I absolutely did not want to write in allegory, though, and I didn’t want to know the moral of the story before I wrote it. One of the things I love about George MacDonald’s work is that I’m always sure it’s about something but it’s not always clear what that ‘something’ might be. I’ve read quite a few of his stories and come away fairly convinced that not even the author himself knew what he was writing about. I like that.

The Stonemason’s House will be released on October 15, 2019. Each copy will feature a hand-carved and -printed woodcut by Stephen Crotts. Find it in the Titles gallery here.

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