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Time has a way of leading a person along a crooked path. Sometimes the path is hard to hold to and people fall off along the way. They curse the road for its steep grades and muddy ruts and settle themselves in hinterlands of thorn and sorrow, never knowing or dreaming that the road meant all along to lead them home. Some call that road a tragedy and lose themselves along it. Others, those who see it home, call it an adventure.

The Fiddler’s Gun

Weem Adrift author A.S. Peterson began his publishing career on a dare. The result was Fin’s Revolution. Fin’s story is a swashbuckling pirate adventure, numinous and gutting and beautifully, achingly lonely and suffused with holy, uncalled-for grace. This year, the series turns ten, and Peterson is celebrating by recording a podcast.

Part of the reason for reading the books is to re-evaluate them with fresh eyes … a podcast gives me the leeway to record other material, like backstory that got cut but remains compelling, or to provide reflections on the hows and the whys of the writing process itself in the form of bonus episodes. That’s the kind of thing I can get really excited about. 

A.S. Peterson

Click here to subscribe and to read more of the author’s thoughts going into recording. An intro and the series’ prologue are available now, and Part 1 launches on the Fourth of July.

Fin’s Revolution: The Podcast (part of the Rabbit Room Podcast Network)

Fin’s Revolution was published by Rabbit Room Press.

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