The Stonemason’s House had been percolating in the back of my mind for at least a year before it was time to pitch a new project, and before i’d even gotten the title green-lit by the author, i’d found my illustrator. Stephen Crotts showed up at Hutchmoot (the Rabbit Room‘s annual four-day feast) with his gorgeous woodcuts, an easygoing and earnest sense of humor, and a banjeaurine. (That banjeaurine was what sold me, actually—that and the unexpected and bizarre Civil War-era dance tunes and dirges. This is the weirdo for us, i thought.)

Besides his work for Weem Adrift Publishing, Stephen has been doing a lot of art around the Rabbit Room. His art has graced Hutchmoot posters, book and CD covers (more on that in a minute), and the new Fin’s Revolution podcast, which launches on Thursday. Stephen’s book covers include the most recent Molehill—and another upcoming Peterson project.

These two books, one by A.S. Peterson and one by his younger brother Andrew Peterson, release the same day—October 15—and feature cover art by the same artist. Neither brother hired his own illustrator.

Andrew’s book, Adorning the Dark, is a reflection on stewarding creative gifts in community for the sake of the Gospel. It can be preordered at the Rabbit Room Store. Both it and The Stonemason’s House will be available to purchase at Hutchmoot, just days before release.

Stephen also works at Culture & Heritage Museums in his native South Carolina, and, as a hobby naturalist, he spends most weekends out in the wild looking for snakes, insects, and other crawlies. He and his wife Erica have two small daughters, whom he is already training to pick up snakes.

Stephen is a founding member of @fridayartsproject. You can find him on IG at @stephencrotts, and online at His Instagram is a great place to see works in progress—like this.

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