Since 2013 Tweetspeak Poetry has hosted a delightful celebration of poets and poetry called Take Your Poet to Work Day, held each year on the third Wednesday of July. That means this week—July 17! You can head to their website for forty popsicle-stick-ready printable puppets, whom you can color and tape to a stick and carry around with you throughout the day. I (Laure), your Weem Adrift bookbinder, have several official and unofficial poets-on-sticks in a tea-tin, eagerly awaiting their annual outing to my cafe-office. My collection includes A.S. Peterson and Thaddeus Glapp, as well as T.S. Eliot and Billy Collins and more.

If you’d also like to bring your favorite Weem Adrift poets to work with you this week, here are two unofficial, printable popsicle-stick poets. Popsicle sticks not included. 😉

A.S. Peterson
Thaddeus Glapp

If you post one of our poets on social media, please consider using the hashtag #takeyourpoettoworkday and tagging @weemadrift! I’d love to see what your favorite poets are up to. 🙂