Thank you, Randy, for this kind review. The Stonemason’s House releases on October 15.

The Stonemason’s House reads like a modern parable and can be digested in only fifteen minutes, yet its impact may stay with you for a lifetime. The story is probably based on Proverbs 20:20: “He who curses his father or his mother, His lamp will go out in time of darkness.” However, the story goes beyond the Proverb in showing how destructive a child’s rebellion can be, both to himself and to his parents. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this little gem and then read it to your children. Its message may change young lives forever.

Randy Kroening

Randy Kroening is enthusiastic: about fishing, evangelism, preaching, his wife Gay, and his grandkids Truly (pictured) and Ezra. Having been a church planter, he now pastors a church in Colorado.