Today it is my privilege to release Weem Adrift’s newest title out into the world.

One of the things i most appreciate about A.S. Peterson’s writing is the sense i get in all of his works that there is a deep, wild, holy world that exists within our own, just beyond a veil that will one day be removed forever. His stories and poetry lean into this hope that we are not alone, that the brokenness in this world will not have the final word, that all this pain and sorrow and alienation and fear are true but not the truest things at all. There is glory up ahead. We are wanted and waited for there. And “there” isn’t a dream but a yes, and it’s real and solid and, in some mysterious way, here.

Is this, though, what this story’s about? Oh, reader, i can’t tell you that. 🙂

The Rabbit Room celebrated their tenth annual four-day feast this weekend, and on Friday, we celebrated The Stonemason’s House with a release party. It was a delight and an honor to introduce this story to new readers and to celebrate its author. Here are a few photos from the weekend.

Weem Adrift books in the Hutchmerch.

The release party itself was wonderful. A packed room of people showed up with their boxed lunches. Pete read aloud the book’s first pages. Questions followed—about the story’s inspiration, about the writing and publishing, about novels and plays and what we hope to do next (answer: nothing lined up just yet). When the questions wound down Pete ducked out to continue his good work of keeping Hutchmoot running smoothly, and i talked about cover illustration design and led a bookbinding demo. One of our forty partygoers won a copy of the book, and everyone went home with a soft scrap of cotton rag. It was so fun.

The author reading a portion of the book to a full and rapt crowd.

Awhile back i posted that our cover illustrator, Stephen Crotts, illustrated Pete’s brother’s new book, too. The two books both release today, and neither brother had anything to do with lining up their own artist. Hutchmoot was too good an opportunity to not get a photo of these three guys with their books. Andrew’s book, Adorning the Dark, can be found in the Rabbit Room Store alongside The Stonemason’s House.

(Can you believe that dude in the middle? He’s an incredible writer, a devoted pastoral leader, and an honor to serve. i am honored to know all three of these good men. But this is the face he made for this photo.)

Illustrator Stephen Crotts, A.S. Peterson, and Andrew Peterson.

The Stonemason’s House is available exclusively from the Rabbit Room Store.