A.S. Peterson photo

A.S. “Pete” Peterson was born on a pirate ship in the Orion nebula. His first months aboard that vessel were difficult as he and the captain disagreed on certain points of navigation. This arrangement came to an end when the ship was sunk by a passing fleet of starfish, who agreed to board the infant pirate in exchange for deck-swabbing. When the starfish captain discovered young Peterson to be a threat to his command, he put him ashore in Illinois, where Peterson was adopted by a pastor and his wife and subsequently presented with siblings. The decades since have seen him in many adventures, from skate-shop co-ownership to the Marines to film school to writing and publishing, and while these various enterprises have served Peterson well, he has never stopped thinking of his time in the nebula. He currently writes stage plays and manages the day-to-day operations of The Rabbit Room, a nonprofit fostering Christ-centered community and spiritual formation through music, story, and art, but if he were given the choice to move to Mars, he would not hesitate. Having acclimated to human society (more or less), Peterson now goes by the cheerful moniker “Pete” and enjoys board games and gardening with his wife Jennifer. A.S. is not his real name.

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For more of his work, visit ASPeterson.net.